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Saturday, September 3, 2011



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Nichitsu Ghost Town. Nichitsu Ghost Town Movie Comments and faves. Want to format your ... This photo belongs to. kirainet's photostream (14564) · Nichitsu Ghost Town. This photo also appears in. Nichitsu (Set) ...

Ghost Town of Cahawba, AL. ... Alabama's Black Belt (Group: 1229) · Chantilly, circa 1840s · Old marker for Cahawba · Ghost Town of Cahawba, AL · Cahawba's "New" Cemetery, created in 1851 · Falling apart · Holga (Set) · Alabama (Group) ...

Ghost town renegade. The stench fouls the wind, bringing reminders of what this place has become. It's the smell of raw sewage, the stink of compost, the fumes from those dirty clouds billowing from the smokestacks. It's the smell signifying ...

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